Unconditional Love

by Harsha Iyer

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This song is an Ode to this Simple but Profound talk i saw by the Dalai lama on the idea of 'Unconditional Love' being an essential component to all of us and our Happiness as universal beings in the Divine Cosmos...Basically he spoke of how it is exhibiting and experiencing the kind of love which doesnt have any limitations or conditions imposed...
A higher kind of compassionate universal love that really does’nt expect anything from anyone yet you feel it all the same towards not just humans but animals and all other beings of the earth too. He spoke of how this Love would essentially come from the same place at all times , ever pure and blissful...it being the same Love whether towards your mother or girlfriend or to a hungry beggar you see or to a homeless dog on the street etc. simply put its not seeing one as being more special or deserving than others , and basically going beyond the concept of 'individualized love' which we give to just the few we know personally , and not being dependent on the other entity to give you something or expecting the other being to do something in return for you to love them with your heart and seeing them as just another wonderful soul in this universal family that we are a part of.
This seems rather hard and maybe even mildly pretentious for some i understand , but as He said ‘What If We each just gave it a chance and tried to be more kind and loving towards one another ?’.. we’re capable of more, there’s always that inspiring ray of hope for more compassion and kindness within all of us and thats what one could see that the dalai lama believed in truly…and of how its with this practice of Unconditional Love that the peaceful Inner Light within us comes to be seen and thats what this song's metaphorical cover photo of the slightly opened door of inner divine, blissful light signifies.. and thats really where i went from to turn this into a piece Musically.


released June 2, 2013

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Recorded, Mixed, Mastered at Studio Utopia , Chennai , India



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Harsha Iyer India

20 Years old Solo Singer Songwriter.
Plays the Guitar , Piano and everything else you hear on his records etc. Also Plays Recording engineer/producer.

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